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Brightest Blessings

Billie has been serving her clients for more than twenty years. She has had the gift of being a Seer since childhood. Through using her gifts as a Seer-Intuitive Reader and Medicine Woman, she offers specific insight into your past, present and what is in the process of becoming. Delivering messages and answers to your deepest questions. Offering insight into situations of internal conflict and confusion, significant dates and events that are coming your way. The people you love and care about and their paths ahead.  Her Sessions are very interactive allowing her clients to ask the questions they most need answered. Her powerful Sessions help to weave the threads together of revealing and clearing your path of influential energy that is hindering your highest good. She offers One Hour Sessions and many clients choose to divide the hour and experience a half hour Reading with a half hour of Energy work. 

Seer -Intuitive Reader

Readings that offer insight into relationships, internal conflicts, confusion, business and other life decisions, significant dates and timelines, energy shifts coming your way, choices and the outcomes of those choices, connection with loved ones that have crossed over, messages for your healing and highest good as you journey along your path.


Medicine Woman

Sessions that offer cleansing, clearing and balancing of energy through utilizing a vast assortment of ancient and modern healing modalities, tools and training. Including both Eastern and Western forms of Reiki, as a certified Reiki Master. Soul Retrieval, Reclaiming of Energy, Removal of Energetic Attachment, Cord Cutting, Past Life Healing, Guided Imramma and Journeying, etc. Billie will consider all energies and circumstances at play to facilitate a journey of healing that is for your absolute highest good. 

Spiritual Teacher

Offering workshops and classes on many Spiritual and metaphysical topics., including Reiki Certification and Classes., spiritual practice, Gemstone and Crystal healing, the list of topics is vast.  As a Spiritual Teacher and guide deep and powerful transformation takes place with students spilling into their daily lives and changing the lens they see through. Serving as Spiritual Midwife to guide you through your process of healing, awakening and Rebirth.  Creating and holding safe and sacred space for your journey towards  Empowerment and Sovereignty. Serving through Priestessing for Circles, Ceremonies and Rituals.

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