Billie Hayward - Seer~Intuitive Reader~Spiritual Medium~Reiki Master

Billie is an Intuitive Reader, Seer and Spiritual Medium that uses Tarot as a Spiritual tool to guide the process during the Readings that she offers to her clients, but she does not rely upon it for messages that she receives.  

Her Readings always come from the approach of healing and growth.  She receives messages pertaining to your Higher Purpose, relating to patterns that are no longer Serving your Highest Good, Lessons that the people in your life hold or have held for you, information on specific events, significant dates that will help you to prepare your path ahead. She is also a Spiritual Medium and can connect with your loved ones have crossed over. Regardless of whether there are difficult topics covered, situations, etc. you should always walk away from a session feeling a sense of closure, clarity and peace.

I may not understand *how* this all happens and may never know...but what I do know is *why*'s love. Love is a connection that transcends all barriers... and as long as they're communicating through that love, I'll be listening and delivering those messages of love and growth.  I offer what I do with great honor and respect.  I treasure my relationships with my clients, whether I have connected with them for fifteen minutes, an Hour or if I have been Reading for them for years.  This is not a job to me, although it happens to provide and this is all that I do.  This is my life, my joy, my path.... and a Service that I do for others that I cherish very deeply. 

When you schedule a Reading and meet with me in person, I welcome you into my spiritual sanctuary and home at The Historic Hillcrest in Uptown Toledo, Ohio. It is an amazing place with a lot of history connected to it.  I work continuously to create and maintain an energetic space that provides comfort and the healing energies of support to all who enter. 

~Billie Hayward 
Intuitive Reader~Seer~Spiritual Medium and Reiki Master

Upcoming Events
(keep checking these are always being updated!)

March 2015

Janet Amid Presents:
Celebrate the Senses: Psychic Event
Sunday, March 29th 10am-5pm (doors open at 9am)
Admission: $5 at the door

Central Park West (Off Central Ave)
3141 Central Park West
Toledo, Ohio
Billie will be offering Readings at this event.  This event is always amazing full of unique & Specialty Vendors...with jewelry, crystals, and beautiful gifts, Healers, Astrologers, Massage Therapists....many different practitioners and all of your favorite well-known Readers!
Mark it on your calendar! More information to come!

April 2015

Usui Reiki Classes and Certification: 
Perrysburg, Ohio

April 11th, Saturday, 10am-2pm~ Usui Reiki Level I Class and Certification
April 12th, Sunday, 12pm-2pm~Usui Reiki Level II Class and Certification
April 19th, Sunday, 12pm-3pm~Reiki Supplemental Class

November 2014

November 12th, Weds. at 7am
Tune into 92.5 KISS FM Morning Rush on November 12th, Weds. at 7am to listen to Billie share insights on some spirit activity, that show host Demetrius Nicodemus is experiencing in his home.

October 2014

Janet Amid Presents:
Celebrate the Senses Event
The Maumee Pinnacle
1772 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, Ohio
October 5th, 2014-Sunday

This is the largest event in this area!  Lots of Readers to choose from, Many Healing Practitioners and Spiritual Services!   Unique Vendors with Metaphysical, Spiritual items such as Gems, Crystals, Intention Jewelry, Healing and Natural Products and much much more!  You don't want to miss this event!  Always a fun day!  

Maumee Pinnacle
1772 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, Ohio
(formerly held at the Hilton at Levis Commons)

Billie Hayward:Seer~Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Reader will be offering 15 minute Personal Readings at this event. Watch for more details!

Click on the pic below to check out a video of a previous "Celebrate the Senses" Event

Click on the picture of the microphone to listen to Billie talk about what she does and how she does to Radio host Michael...

Some words from Clients...

"Billie has helped me so much through a recent traumatic experience. She has given me insight to why this happened and what i need to do in order to move forward and also how to help my daughters deal with their feelings. I don't know what i would've done without her!! If i ever have any questions or feel uncertain i know who to turn to! Thank you Billie!!"~Kati A.

"When our 18 year old son was killed tragically there were so many things left unresolved and unsaid. Billie was such a light to our family and a messenger of things that were so healing to the family in such a horrible time of loss. The ability to keep walking after something like this is so difficult--Billie helped us to take those opening steps and we will be forever grateful!"~Patricia

"I just wanted to thank you again for the session yesterday.  I'm very grateful for your insight and I  very much appreciated all the good news you gave me yesterday.  It was like breathing in a deep breath of fresh air and it made my heart smile to know that good things are finally headed my way.  You are a blessing and I'm grateful that we connected."
~Kim C.

"My reading with Billie was absolutely beautiful. In her way of reading cards and energy she easily captured what my past years have been like. She picked up on the troubles I was going through, opportunities coming my way, and ways to deal with unwelcome energy. She let me know that I have guidance from past loved ones. Her way of reading is so peaceful and open. I was surprised how well she picked up on sounds of names and dates. Makes me calm to know about vague times of this year and be ready for them. Thank you Billie for helping calm my stressful mind."
~Steven C.

"From the first time I have had readings with Billie I have found them to be useful, informative and sometimes quite funny.   I feel like I’m getting the inside scoop, very useful when receiving mixed messages, and it can be helpful in resolving old feelings.  I love knowing what is coming around the corner.  Hearing from my Grandpop and a childhood friend that passed away has brought me peace and comfort.  I have had several tarot parties which are always a big hit. I've also given readings as gifts, sometimes over the phone for convenience.  The gift that always fits and never needs exchanged! "     
~Deanna S.

If you are skeptical but still curious as to whether this gift is real, then Billie is the person you need to see.  She was very accurate in her reading of both me and my husband.  She was so warm and caring and we were very comfortable talking with her.  Our reading was amazing and we were both amazed with her knowledge of things we did not tell her.  She gave me advice on how to handle upcoming situations with my son and what to look for when he is headed into a challenging time.  We look forward to meeting with her again in the future.
~Carla M.

"I have had several tarot readings from Billie and highly recommend her. Billie is very talented, intuitive and kind; her energy is soft and warm and her accuracy is amazing. A reading from Billie would be a blessing for anyone." 
~Jackie G.

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